Please be sure to read this page completely prior to registering for PGR rental services _
By visiting or using the Paramount Games Rental (PGR) web site, or any third party website powered by paramountgamesrental.co.uk, and by subscribing to PGR online service, you agree to be bound by the following Terms Of Use. If you do not agree with these terms of use you should not use the Paramount Games Rental web site. Please read the Terms Of Use carefully and note that by joining our service you are confirming that you meet the requirements below:
Joining Paramount Games Rental
Customers must be at least 18 years of age, live in the United Kingdom and have a valid credit card/debit card in order to join Paramount Games Rental. When completing the registration details, you are required and agree to provide true, accurate, current and correct personal information about yourself (including your name, date of birth, phone numbers, email address, postal address, credit/debit card details). You are also required and agree to update PGR with any changes to the personal or financial information you have provided.
Please ensure that your details are updated BEFORE you move house, as you will be liable for any games that go missing because they were posted to your old address.

If Paramount Games Rental has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, PGR has the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse any and all current or future uses of the Paramount Games Rental service.
Fraud, Theft Prevention and Detection
Please take time to read the following points which contain important information relating to the registration details you provide to Paramount Games Rental:
With Every New Subscriber
We will do a search to verify your identity. This involves checking the details you supply against those held on any databases Experian – the credit reference agency – has access to. This includes information from the Electoral Register and fraud prevention agencies. A record of this search will be kept that may be used to help other companies to verify your identity. We may also pass information to financial and other organizations involved in fraud prevention to protect ourselves and our customers from theft and fraud. If you give us false or inaccurate information and we suspect fraud, we will record this and share this information with other organisations. We may ask you for additional more specific information should we feel the need to

To prevent theft and detect fraud we may at any time:
• Share information with other organisations and public bodies including the police, only in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998
• Check and/or file details with fraud prevention agencies and pertinent databases. If we are given false or inaccurate information and/or PGR identifies fraud, PGR will record this and pass the information to relevant authorities. PGR and other organisations may also use and search these agencies and databases in the UK and other countries to recover debt, prevent fraud or check your identity to prevent money laundering. unless you provide us with other satisfactory proof of identity
• Law enforcement agencies may access and use this information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
• All games and game accessories are the property of Paramount Games Rental. Any theft and/or damage to any items rented to PGR customers may result in assessing the loss and adding such to the customer's next monthly billing.
Delivery and Return of Games
Paramount Games Rental uses the services of Royal Mail to deliver games to and receive games from you. Please allow for Royal Mail delivery times. Paramount Games Rental is not responsible for delayed or misdirected mail.
Any games reported by you as not being received will require you to complete a Royal Mail claim form for the missing games. Failure to sign and return the claim form to Paramount Games Rental is deemed that you do not support the claim for the missing item. Paramount Games Rental reserve the right to debit your account at the minimum £44.99 for the missing game(s). Similar circumstances also apply for accessories where the R.R.P. will also be applied with Paramount Games Rental reserving the right to debit your credit/debit card the relevant amount.
Please note that to avoid charges of the minimum £44.99 being applied to your account, claim forms MUST be returned to Paramount Games Rental via Royal Mail Recorded Delivery within 7 working days of the reported loss.
Delivery and Return of Games
Return postage of rented games is paid by Paramount Games Rental. We strongly advise that you obtain a 'Proof of Postage' receipt from the Royal Mail when returning your games to confirm they have been accepted in the postal system to be returned to PGR. These receipts can be obtained free of charge from any Royal Mail or Post Office counter at the time of posting. Any games which are reported as missing on your account will require an investigation with the Royal Mail to verify the loss.
Games reported as missing on your account will require you to provide a 'Proof of Postage' receipt to validate your claim. Paramount Games Rental reserves the right to debit your credit/debit card the Recommended Retail Price for any missing games for which you are unable to produce a valid Royal Mail 'Proof of Postage' receipt.

You agree to compensate Paramount Games Rental for any game lost, not returned or returned in an unacceptable condition where the disc is damaged, scratched and/or un-useable for further rentals. PGR reserves the right to secure any compensation due by adding the amount due to your monthly billing.
Non-return of PGR Property (Debt Recovery Process)
PGR reserve the right to charge a replacement cost of up to the full retail price for any non returned games.
Free Trial Periods
Please note that the main purpose of the free trial is to allow new subscribers to become accustomed to the system of receiving and sending rented items. For this reason the following should be noted.
The free trial is available to new subscribers only. Owing to circumstances beyond the control of PGR the free trial may not be made available from time to time. Paramount Games Rental may change the duration of the free trial period at its sole discretion.
Previous subscribers do not qualify for a free trial period. The free trial is available to one member of a household only and may not be used in conjunction with any other offer.
Any subsequent free trials to the same postal address will be permitted only at the discretion of Paramount Games Rental.
When registering for your free trial you agree that your debit/credit card details will be taken over the phone, verified and pre-authorised up to three times the subscription value verifying the account and identity to protect PGR against attempts of theft and/or fraud.
To avoid charges to your account you MUST notify PGR that you want to cancel your account and are returning your rental game immediately. Cancellations are made BEFORE the end of your free trial to avoid charges via email to cancellations@paramountgamesrental.co.uk.
Renting Games/Accessories
Rental requests are fulfilled Monday to Friday.
PGR will send you a confirmation email when you return a game and when we send you another game.
You can view items you are responsible for by accessing your account and visiting the 'Currently Rented Items' page.
All games/accessories remain the property of Paramount Games Rental at all times. Games/accessories must not be sold on or made available to hire by the subscriber. You may not copy or alter any rented game in any way. Please handle the games/accessories with care so as not to damage them. The subscriber undertakes to treat the games/accessories and their associated packaging with the utmost care at all times.
Paramount Games Rental reserves the right to debit the subscribers' credit/debit card the current Recommended Retail Price of any game or accessory which is returned in a non re-usable condition (reasonable wear and tear excepted). The Recommended Retail Price constitutes the most competitive retail price available to Paramount Games Rental. Paramount Games Rental will contact the subscriber to discuss any issues before debiting the subscribers' credit/debit card.
PGR accepts that very occasionally games/accessories may be lost in the post. In such circumstances, and in accordance with all requirements having been complied with by the subscriber, Paramount Games Rental may, at their sole discretion, dispatch a replacement.
You agree to provide us with personal details (including your name, email address, postal address and valid payment details), that are true and current, and you agree to update us if at any time your personal details change by sending us an email to support@paramountgamesrental.co.uk.
Payments & Billing
As a subscriber to Paramount Games Rental, you agree that we are permitted to charge you a monthly subscription fee and any other charges that you may incur in connection with your use of our service. The subscription fee will be billed on the last day of your free trial and on each monthly renewal thereafter unless and until you cancel, and regardless of how much you use the service. We will automatically charge your debit/credit card each month on or after the calendar day corresponding to the commencement of your membership (usually your free trial's expiry date).
All fees and charges are non-refundable.
Paramount Games Rental will take payment from your account within the first 5 days after you register. You will then be billed every 28 days after this date. You will be notified by email that Paramount Games Rental.co.uk will be taking a payment from your account 7 days then 3 days before the actual billing date.
Your Paramount Games Rental subscription will be automatically renewed on a monthly basis. For your convenience, we will charge the monthly subscription fee to the debit/credit card that you provide to us via Paypal during registration (or to a different payment method if you change your account information subsequently). Your membership will automatically renew for successive monthly subscriptions, without prior notice to you, unless and until you cancel your membership or it is terminated by PGR.
You must cancel your membership before it renews in order to avoid billing of subscription fees for the following subscription period.

If your credit card details fail when processing the payment, your account will be suspended immediately and you will be notified via email that payment has failed. If your credit card details fail and you have games in your possession you will be contacted by a member of the Paramount Games Rental staff asking to update your card details immediately and you will be charged your monthly fee together with an additional administration fee of not less than £5.00.
In addition, Paramount Games Rental reserve the right to pass on your details to a collection agency for retrieval of the outstanding debt. There will be a £25 minimum handling charge for all such cases.
Where we are not able to recover the oustanding subscription arrears and/or Video Games, Paramount Games Rental reserve the right to instigate a claim against you through the Small Claims Court. There will be a minimum claim charge of £30.
If your payment information remains invalid we will pass on your details to our solicitors and legal action will start to obtain the missing games or the equivalent cost and any outstanding membership fees.
You agree not to hold PGR responsible for banking charges incurred by you due to inadequate funds preventing payments to PGR.
Customer Responsibility
By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions you accept that it is your responsibility as a Customer of Paramount Games Rental to take good care of our property. You agree that it is you as the Customer's Responsibility to ensure that you have sufficient funds in your nominated account to cover our Payments and/or Subscriptions for our service and/or merchandise. Any Payments/Subscriptions which we may collect which cause you to ‎incur any financial penalty or charge is not the Responsibility of Paramount Games Rental and will not be refunded.
As the Customer of Paramount Games Rental you also agree that you are responsible of the knowledge of the nominated dates which Payments/Subscriptions are scheduled to be debited and any subsequent failure of this which may result in any financial penalty to you as the Customer is not the Liabilty of Paramount Games Rental and no refunds of financial recompense will be awarded.
Third Party game websites & Broadband Performance
Paramount Games Rental offers a service to subscribers that involves delivery of game discs for use in a client's gaming console, either as an individual game or as part of shared game online. It is the responsibility of the subscriber to determine whether their own console and RAM are capable of playing the games that they rent and / or whether their local broadband speed is capable of downloading and / or participating in online gaming. PGR is NOT responsible for any failings of 3rd party facilities or the performance of subscriber's gaming systems and no refund is offered by PGR for such failings.
Intellectual Property
You may use any Paramount Games Rental games for your personal use (including family and friends) only at the address shown on your account. Commercial exploitation or copying of our games is strictly prohibited.
All trademarks, logos, images, product and company names referred to on this website are the property of their respective owners.
Lost / Unreturned / Damaged Games
You agree to allow PGR to charge your credit/debit card for the recommended retail price of a game or accessory in the following situations:
• If you have not returned a game to us within 7 days of setting a request to cancel against your account or cancelling your free trial or paid subscription.
• If you have lost a game and reported it to us as lost without proof of postage.
• If you have damaged a game whether or not you reported it to us as damaged.
Cancelling Paramount Games Rental service by the Subscriber
You may cancel your Paramount Games Rental subscription at any time.
Requests to cancel your subscription must be made via the Paramount Games Rental web site or alternatively, if you still have games outstanding on your account, please email your full name, membership no. and 'Cancel Membership' in the subject field of your email to so that a cancellation request can be logged against your account.
Cancelling your account will stop further games being dispatched to you. The cancellation will only take effect and billing will stop once all your currently rented games have been returned and received by Paramount Games Rental.
Please ensure your existing games rentals are returned and received by Paramount Games Rental before your next billing date to prevent your account being billed for another monthly subscription.
Failure to return your existing games rentals within 7 days of a cancellation request being set on your account will also result in your credit/debit card being charged the recommended retail price of all outstanding games on your account.
Please note refunds will not be given for cancellations part way through a billing period.
Returning Games/Accessories for Account Cancellation
When returning games prior to cancelling your account, we require you to obtain a 'Proof of Postage' receipt from the Royal Mail to confirm the games have been returned safely and before your next billing date. A 'Proof of Postage' Receipt can be obtained at any Royal Mail or Post Office counter and is free of charge. This will prevent any further charges being made to your account for non returned games.
Any games lost in transit prior to or after cancellation without a 'Proof of Postage' receipt will be deemed as lost by the customer. Paramount Games Rental reserves the right to debit the subscribers' credit/debit card the current Recommended Retail Price of any lost game.
Right to Terminate by Paramount Games Rental
Paramount Games Rental reserves the right, at any time, to cancel the subscription of any subscriber without being obliged to give any reason for so doing, except that if such cancellation takes place during a billing period for a reason other than a breach of these terms and conditions by the subscriber.
Paramount Games Rental will refund any pre-paid subscription not utilised at the time of a PGR instigated cancellation.
Annual Rental Pass Memberships
Your membership runs for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase and will not be automatically renewed after 12 months has ceased. We will contact you 30 days before the expiry date as stated on your Annual Rental Pass Membership certificate.
The following restrictions and limitations will apply:
• You are limited to 12 (Twelve) video game titles per annum as defined in your Annual Rental Pass certificate.
• You are limited to 1 (One) video game title at a time.
Cancellation Rights
You have the right to cancel your Annual Rental Pass Memberships within 14 days of purchase and you will receive a full refund providing our property has been returned in the same condition it was sent to you. PGR may terminate your membership giving you 14 days notice of our intention to do so and you will receive a refund subject to a pro-rata deduction for the time that the membership has been ongoing during the the relevant 12 month period.
Please note that Paramount Games Rental does not offer refunds for Game Passes.
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Trade Marks
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Changes to these Terms of Use
From time to time, ParamountGames Rental will review and may edit these terms of use in accordance with potential changes to our business structure and as required by law. Paramount Games Rental reserves the right to change its Terms of Use at any time.