As part of our referral scheme if you refer 2 friends who in turn remain subscribers to Paramount Games Rental for a period not less than two months you will receive a months free subscription. There is no limit to the amount of friends you can refer. New subscribers MUST advise PGR of your account details at the point of signing up.
Paramount Games Rental is pleased to announce that we are currently constructing a new Loyalty Reward Scheme. We will update this section in due course.
If you are not yet registered and have a promo code for a free trial then please use it on registering and also when you forward your 10 Game wish-list.
Rental is a simple process, you simply select a 10 game wish list and each game is sent to your home. Once finished, post the game back in the pre-paid envelope provided and your next game is sent to you straight away – what could be easier!
Paramount Games Rental has a Facebook community page which offers the latest news, cheats, release info, promotions and online game competitions as well as being on Twitter.
The founder, A Greaves says ‘With a lot of the big name titles costing around £40.00 and having release dates within a few weeks of each other you are looking at paying out up to £130 or more. With Paramount Game Rental, the cost is significantly reduced and although you could say the games are only ‘rented’, with ‘PGR’ you can keep the games as long as you like.
In most cases, games that are owned only have a certain lifespan anyway and you have to buy the latest release. With Paramount Games Rental we simply send you that next game.’